Payment methods

Methods of Payment

4PM uses Stripe as a payment processor, and Stripe has its’ own terms and conditions that govern its’ services. 4PM, in using Stripe, can accept major Credit Cards (such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express). By making a purchase, or by storing your credit card information on 4PM secure site, you are confirming that you are the cardholder or are authorized by the cardholder to perform the transaction. You card will be charge after you initiate the transaction and upon 4PM finalizing your order for pick-up or delivery. Order completion with full payment is required prior to pick-up or delivery. If the goods have already been delivered and the payment has not been made, 4PM may periodically re-submit your credit card details to your card provider for full or partial payment until the order is fully paid. 4PM reserves the right to not process your order for pick-up or delivery if payment has failed.

All billing information provided to 4PM must be accurate and truthful. Failing to provide accurate information may give rise to legal recourse against you.

You are solely responsible for the unauthorized use of your credit card and for unauthorized purchases made with your card. It is up to you, the customer, to understand your credit card’s terms and conditions regarding unauthorized purchases.