Shipping & Returns

Pick-Up or Delivery

Orders can be picked up in store or delivered to an address as specified by you. Card and identity verification may be required for pick-up or when receiving delivery of your order. 4PM will verify your order by means of valid government issued picture identification. Third party pick up is allowed, but 4PM will require you to authorize the third party, and the third party will also require the valid government issued picture identification. Orders costing more than $300 must be picked up or delivered directly to the card holder. Where identity verification is not possible then 4PM reserves the right to cancel the order. Orders placed through the website for either pick-up or delivery may contain items that cannot be re-sold (such as but not limited to: RAW FOODS). If these items are not picked up, or able to be delivered will NOT be credited to your card. UNSUCCESSFUL DELIVERIES WILL BE CHARGED A $4.99 RESTOCKING FEE.


Rejected/Cancelled Orders

4PM reserves the right to reject/cancel any order at any time for any reason. If 4PM chooses to cancel/reject your order than 4PM has no obligation on fulfilling your order, and you have no obligation to pay 4PM for your order. 4PM may also require additional information or verification from you before accepting your order. If 4PM cancels, rejects, or requests additional information from you, then 4PM will notify you via the email used during the ordering process, and/or the email linked to the customer profile. Some instances that may result in an order being rejected/cancelled include but not limited to:

  • Limitations on the quantities of available products,
  • Errors or inaccuracies regarding product or pricing information,
  • Recalled products,
  • Other problems or issues as identified by 4PM.



Thank you for purchasing our product! If you do have an issue with our products or you wish to make an exchange here is both our instore and online return policy: ALL SALES ITEMS & SPECIAL ORDERS ARE A FINAL SALE. NO RETURNS ON RAW FOODS, OPENED PRODUCTS, BULK FOODS. All products returned for credits must be in the original, undamaged packaging within 30 days of purchase. Purchases through a customer account do not require a receipt. Purchases NOT through a customer account REQUIRE original receipt. Original debit/credit notes are required to credit back to a card.