Paw Points

What are Paw Points?

Shopping at 4 Paws Market is rewarding! The healthier alternatives are not only rewarding for your fur family, but you also earn Paw Points ever time you shop in store, or on These paw points can be redeemed for discounts off your purchases.


How Do I join?

There are two ways to join the 4 Paws Market fur family to earn Paw Points:

  1. In-store: during the checkout process you will be asked if you would like to sign up for the rewards program.
  2. Online: by registering an account on the website you will automatically be signed to receive and view rewards.

You can check the status of your rewards by signing into your account on and clicking “rewards” on the left-hand column.


Earning Points?

At 4 Paws Market we make it quick and easy to accumulate rewards. You receive 5 points per every dollar ($) spent. Once you start accumulating points, you can redeem points for discounts at certain amounts (500, 1250, 2500, 3750, 5000). Accumulating points is easy as signing up; you will receive 1000 points just for signing up. You will also receive 1000 points on your Birthday. Below is a graph that shows how dollars spent translate into cash discounts off your purchases.


Dollars Spent (5 points per $ spent)

Points Needed for Discounts

Discount Value ($)


500 Pts

$3 Off Purchase


1,250 Pts

$8 Off Purchase


2,500 Pts

$17 Off Purchase


3,750 Pts

$30 Off Purchase


5,000 Pts

$50 Off Purchase



Redeeming Points?

You can redeem your Paw Points for discounts off your purchase subtotal (not including taxes). You can redeem as many points as you like, but you CANNOT REDEEM MORE THAN YOUR PURCHASE’S SUBTOTAL AND ANY DISCOUNT AMOUNT BEYOND THE SUBTOTAL WILL BE FORFITED (there is no option for cash back, or to carry forward amounts). Please see below as an example.


Subtotal (before Taxes)



Total Owing

Example 1


$3 (redeemed 500 pts)



Example 2


$15 (redeemed 2500 pts)





Redeeming points can be done in two ways: in-store, or online at

  1. In-store: You can redeem rewards: you can request to have Paw Points redeemed during the checkout process. You can also ask to check your point total during the checkout process as well.
  2. On After signing in, you can view how many points you receive when you are in the cart and in checkout, as well as the available rewards they can redeem. how many points they receive when they are in the cart and in checkout, as well as the available rewards they can redeem. See below as an example.


General Support

When it comes to technology, let’s be honest, issues happen from time to time. If you have any issues or concerns regarding our Paw Points Loyalty program, please contact us at [email protected]